About CAMEd

CAMEd / ACFSF promotes and increases the capacity for excellence in Canadian midwifery education through setting and maintaining standards for curricula and scholarship within midwifery educational programs, and by supporting continued development of midwifery faculty and programs.

The CAMEd / ACFSF’s objects are:

  1. To promote excellence in midwifery education, and establish and maintain the national accrediting process for midwifery education programs.
  2. To be the voice of Canadian midwifery education.
  3. To support faculty and program development.

CAMEd Board of Directors


President, Kim Campbell, University of British Columbia

VP/Treasurer, Kathi Wilson, McMaster University

Secretary, Allison Campbell, University of British Columbia

Directors At Large

Nicole Bennett, Ryerson University

Manavi Handa, Ryerson University

Helen McDonald, McMaster University

Lisa Morgan, Laurentian University

Caroline Paquet, Université de Québec à Trois-Rivières

Kellie Thiessen, University of Manitoba

Deepa Upadhyaya, Mount Royal University

CAMEd is seeking one Indigenous midwife educator as a non-voting representative on its Board of Directors. We’d appreciate your involvement! For more information or if you are interested, please email admin@camed-acfsf.ca